Sunday, December 4, 2016


Thoughtful Thursday - what I learned from another blogger.

Montana Joe is a mixed media artist who lives in Montana. Joe is a process knitter and a process and a process artist. 
I found Montana Joe on the blog roll of Penny Berrens at Tanglewood Threads. God only knows how I found Penny's blog to follow. It's always a mystery how some things happen. But I do remember finding Montana Joe on the Tanglewood Threads blogroll.

Here us what Montana Joe of says about his "aha" moment:

"this was a very liberating realization. freeing me of years of self-judgment and ofttimes debilitating criticism about harboring a plethora of unfinished work. reminding me of the joy i experience in simply creating for the sake of creating, not to race to complete something for the sake of being done with it. the many creations that rest in various stages of growth are just that: resting in a stage of growth. of evolution. all a part of my enjoying their process of creation. no longer accusing. no longer judging. but celebrating whatever process they are in. whatever step they are at along the path each moment. rather like a reminder of the way i try to live my life. in the moment. not grasping and judging but enjoying. celebrating.
Image by Montana Joe - used with permission of the artist.
there is something to be learned from these emerging fragments of the creative process. something delightful and invigorating!"

His direct words from his blog, Manhandled Threads.

This somewhat explains why I go from project to project without finishing many of them. I enjoy the process, sometimes, more than the finished art piece. Maybe this is also an explanation on why I seldom finish online learning courses. I've learned what I wanted to know and now I'm no longer interested in that "next shiny object" that comes through my email.


Progress, not perfection
Education is a journey, not a destination 

I've seen these words before, often. The education quote was on bumper stickers for Prescott College and it was very true. So when I read Joe's post, I found it so impactful. And enlightening. Thank you, Joe. Please visit Montana Joe's blog and maybe you, too, will find words to live by and art to inspire.

Saturday, October 22, 2016



My sons live in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, and I like to visit in late spring when the magnolia trees are in bloom. BTW, there were none of the crazy iColorama edits on these images other than resizing them and cropping them for the web.
Initial photo taken in Atlanta, Georgia, in June 2003. I used my first digital NIKON camera for this shot. If DSLRs were available, they were thousands of dollars. Things have changed since then for me and my cameras.
Photo shot on same day, same magnolia tree in Atlanta, Georgia, same camera, but later in the day and when this bloom was full and starting to fade. I've used this particular shot in other photo compositions.
Quite the beauties, right?

Thursday, October 20, 2016


THURSDAY TRUTH #1: Every morning, I wake up with a queasy belly and it bugs me. It feels like anxiety but Im not totally sure thats what it is. Im trying all kinds of food combinations to see if its my digestion that is the problem. Ill learn what it is and then hopefully correct it. And here I am putting it on my blog for everybody to read. What a risk.

THURSDAY TRUTH #2: I write blog posts only when I finally get some photos that inspire me together to post. But maybe Im limiting myself by sticking to just my photo edits. I love the edits Im getting in the #iColorama photo editing app on my iPad, but not everybody wants to edit photos like I do. Not everybody likes "happy accidents" as I like to call them.

THURSDAY TRUTH #3: Since I don't know what to write about, I think I'll make a bullet list of thoughts. Free writing at its finest.
  1. Does it really matter what I put on my blog?
  2. Who am I writing the blog for?
  3. Why do I even want a blog?
  4. Do I really need to make an extra income from blogging?
  5. Will a commitment like blogging for dollars get old fast and I quit again?
  6. Why does it even matter?
  7. Why do I like to write?
  8. Why do I like to play with photos in my photo editing apps?
  9. Are these questions I could answer/write about in blog posts?
  10. Is that a crazy idea?
  11. Or do I write about my personal life?
  12. But everything is personal for me, right?
  13. Do I write about my mom or my sons?
  14. Not too many readers out in blog-land that care what I write about my mom or sons?
  15. But I bet I can come up with some stories about all of them.
  16. Do I want to inspire others to become photographers?
  17. Do I want to inspire others to play with photo editing?
  18. Do I want to tell my story about deciding to become a fine art photographer?
  19. Do I want to put this little morning free writing list on my blog?
  20. Does it matter?
  21. Do I need to tell the story about how I take photos and then neglect the post processing?
  22. Or why I neglect the post processing, therefore, don't get any blog posts put up?
  23. Do I want to tell my history with avoiding Adobe Lightroom? Adobe Photoshop?
  24. Do I want to tell the story about the various ways of healing from physical and personal trauma?
  25. What does simple living mean to me at the nice young age of 72?
  26. Who are the bloggers I like to read who write about simple living?
  27. Decluttering/minimalism?
  28. Do I want to start having a theme for days of the week?
  29. ·      Monday Minimalism – what I DIDNT buy to keep my life simple
  30. ·      Tuesdays Treasures
  31. ·      Wednesdays Wild Adventures
  32. ·      Thursdays truth – free writing Thursdays
  33. ·      Fridays freedom from ??? 
  34. My quilting hobby?
  35. Volunteering?
  36. Why do I want a new Apple MacBook Pro? It's only 4 years old.
  37. What does the new Pro have that I dont have on my current Pro?
  38. Why did I switch to Apple several years ago? Status symbol?
  39. Budgeting?
  40. Spending less?
  41. Do I insert unrelated photos in my blog posts?
  42. Or leave photos out of my blog posts and have section titles instead?

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


I've written about using the wonderful, powerful, robust iColorama photo editing app on my iPhone and iPad. Today's images are only 11 of the many I got during the hour I played with only one (1) original image. I chose a very unexciting image and got some wonderful edits.
Edited in iColorama
I've been playing with one image in the iColorama app on my iPad Pro. This is where all the fun is at. For this series, I took the original image several months ago. I pulled it up to see what I could get. The following images aren't all the edits, just the ones I thought showed the best results.
Original image - faded tulips on black paper
Just a little adjustment in iColorama
Edited in iColorama
Edited in iColorama
Edited in iColorama
Edited in iColorama
Edited in iColorama
Edited in iColorama
Edited in iColorama
Edited in iColorama
Edited in iColorama
Edited in iColorama
Now, what am I going to do with all these images? Do you have any ideas on how I can use them? I know photo notecards are an option. Printing larger images to hang on the wall is another idea. But maybe I'm limiting the possibilities. That's why I'm asking you, my loyal followers, for suggestions. Please leave any ideas in the comments. They will be much appreciated.

Thursday, August 11, 2016


After my original post for Karen Valentine's WHERE BLOGGERS CREATE, I hired a photographer friend to visit me at home to take photos of me in my studio. In the photos, Jen Slover, Step Right Up Photography, used her Canon DSLR with a 50mm lens. I used my iPhone 6 during the photo shoot.
Beautiful roses found at Sprouts Farmers Market
I must say that this was an excellent investment. I got the idea during the CREATIVE CONTENT CAMP online course with the wonderful Alyson Stanfield, Art Biz Coach, that I recently completed.
The silver plated tea set came from an estate sale. It was a wedding present to a couple married 50 years and never used. Love it.
Yes, I'm a photographer of beautiful flowers. Yes, I like to edit the flower photos in various IOS apps on the iPhone 6 or iPad Pro. However, I'm not the best selfie-taker in town, or on the web. It ain't easy to get a photo of me that I would share online or anywhere else.
Jen Slover lives here in Flagstaff and is a professional photographer specializing in weddings/engagements/party/newborns/family work. You can find her photos on her Facebook page: Step Right Up Photography.
Jen started with a few photos around my studio. Love my Kewpie doll and the dancing Santas.
It's interesting seeing photos of my props from her view. Everything looks even better and more fun. I think I'm ready for Christmas card photos.
Jen might have rearranged these items on my desk for a great composition. The piano player came from one of our local thrift shops. The bell was a gift during a workshop I took in Santa Fe, NM, in September, 2014.
Guess who? I thought I'd use flowers for my portrait.
Jen thought it would be a good idea to take photos while I was shooting on my iPhone during the process. Excellent idea!
Lisianthus - the wonderful flowers I was photographing during the studio shoot. Sprouts Farmers Market saves the day, again.
iColorama edit of the Lisianthus blooms

I enjoyed playing in my small home studio during our photo shoot. It's always inspiring to be photographing with like minded photographers. I'm hoping you do, too.

Friday, July 15, 2016


Putting your best foot/photo forward - leading off with a beautiful unedited image. A simple home photo studio is all I need to produce some great fine art photography. 
This image is straight out of the camera with no post processing/editing. I take my iPhoneography images with an iPhone 6.
This is the staging setup I use for my photos of flowers in my house. I have a black paper backdrop but lately I've been using grey paper. I live alone and can put things where I want them and how I want to put them out. I use fat push pins to keep the paper up on the wall. Yes, that is an old and rusted portable typewriter spray painted turquoise. It doesn't work at all except as a prop in photos. Got it for $5 at a garage sale a few years ago.
 Most of the time, I use an iPhone 6. But for this blog post, I thought I would take some selfies while I shoot with the Canon 50D DSLR. I use a hot pink tripod adapter that holds the iPhone 6 below. Got this on Ebay. The tripod is a standard size - meaning it is way, way, way bigger than the iPhone requires.
 Here is what I was using to take my selfies. Equipment: iPhone 6 in the image using the Camera+ app that has a delayed timer. Also, the DaVoice Tripod Adapter.
This is the gadget I found on Ebay mfg. by DaVoice. If you go to the link, there will be many more options. And they are cheap but easy to use. Love the pink, don't you? The little gadget with the grey circles is a remote trigger so I can trigger the shutter from a distance. And it's a Bluetooth REMOTE. It is marvelous.
After I take photos with my iPhone 6, I usually use my 3rd Generation iPad for editing the images. And that's so much fun. Below, please take a gander at some of my edited images. All of these were edited in the #iColorama app.
I started listing my photos in my Etsy shop as fine art prints. I also print notecards and small prints. My next step is to get some of these beauties framed and put up on my walls.
Click here to find the links to other beautiful blogs. And thanks for visiting mine.


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